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Group Class



Argentine Tango Intermediate Level 

From: Tue, Aug 30-Oct 18
Time: 7- 8pm

Dance Instructor: Elena Torbenko







Cost: $136


Argentine Tango Beginner Level 

From: Fri, Aug 12-Sep 30
Time: 7- 8pm

Dance Instructor: Elena Torbenko


Cost: $136



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 Hot Salsa and Merengue Class


Are you tired of the label wallflower? Do the hot and spicy Salsa sounds emanating from the speaker make, you want to grab someone and start dancing? Are you ready to burn up the dance floor with a Salsa routine that will make you the talk of the entire evening?  

Then, you are ready for one of Elena’s Hot Salsa  Group Classes! Elena, Owner, Director, and Professional Dance Instructor is ready to unleash your dance potential and welcome you to the hottest and most thrilling dance sweeping across the world...

 Hot Salsa!

Cost: $136  No dance partner required.


All ages are welcomed!







Argentine  Tango

Private  Lessons all levels available

Seven days a week

from 9am to 10pm

one hour cost $95

(one or two people)

free complementary 30min lesson available



Dance Improvement

Group Class Series

What is dance? Elena’s Dance Studio strongly believes that dance is the visually expression of our deepest of feelings and emotion through motion. Every facial expression, arm, and hip motion communicates the essence of our souls and how we express our emotions through motion.

Elena’s Dance Improvement Class is designed to build and add elegance to your all your dance steps, improve your balance and coordination, develop full body movement potential, and learn the finer points of dancing.


Every Saturday, from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm, Elena's Dance Improvement Class will help you develop your dance skills, confidence, and a style of dancing and make you feel energized and excited about dance!

During each class, Elena covers the following areas:

- Flexibility and Stretching
- Spins and Turns
- Using your rib cage
- Arm Styling
- Cuban Motion
- Hip Action
- Contra body Motion
- Facial and Emotional Expression


The entire program runs every Saturday for 8 Weeks. Class Admission is $204 for 8 Weeks.